Euro Windows, as a proven structure has been applied for many years both in Poland and western Europe. High-quality materials in combination with many years of tradition in woodwork production in this system allow to offer premium windows.

Dudek H&H suggests two types of Euro windows:


Wooden windows is a product characterised mainly by high naturalness and enabling a wide range of shapes and decorations, which results in the fact that each window is exceptional and fully satisfies the needs of even very demanding customers.

Wooden windows ideally fit objects with classic style and historical as well as objects of modern nature.


Wooden windows with aluminum lining combine the advantages of wood and durability of aluminum. The windows are characterised by an excellent visual appearance and modern structure, which enables to significantly prolong product durability.

Different designs of profiles shapes of aluminum lining enable in an appropriate manner to select the nature of the window to the external appearance of the facade.

Wooden aluminum windows particularly match facilities of modern style.