What is the key to success of doors manufactured by Dudek H&H?

The answer is simple:
firstly – Quality
secondly – Perfect Execution
thirdly – Consideration of Individual Customer Demands

As compared to other products of this type, the domain of our doors is extraordinary reliability of performance and their diversity and colours satisfy the most refined tastes. They are produced from glued timber – both coniferous as well as deciduous. Many past users praise them for durability and very good thermal and acoustic insulation.

These are not all the advantages: surfaces of doors are covered with multilayer acrylic paint of reputable companies ZOBEL, GORI, SIKKENS and SIGMA. The doors are protected with effective three-lock interlocks ROTO, WILKA with double cylindrical insert and safe glass. Stained glass is a decoration, ornamental or burnt selected according to the Customer’s request. Additionally, external doors are decorated with granite of different colours.

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    They are distinguished by better stability and insulation by means of a panel, thickness: 100mm.

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    They are produced from glued timber - both coniferous and deciduous, thickness: 75mm.