About us

Dudek Group is a set of carpenter’s plants which includes: a part responsible for wooden door and windows production and a part manufacturing wooden girders (I-beams) used in frame construction of wooden houses. From 2016, the children of the founder Henryk Dudek joined the Dudek company.

Dudek was established in 1984 by two brothers: Hubert and Henryk Dudek. Since the beginning it was occupied with wood processing, and its products were sold both on the local and foreign market. It could be considered that since that time not much has changed, because the priorities of the company remain unchanged – highest quality and customer’s satisfaction – however, during these 36 years the plant has changed to a significant extent, and its development is extremely dynamic. During the first years of its operations the Company employed 5 people, and the machines necessary for wood processing were imported from the west as it was possible with limited financial measures of the brothers. Already 3 years later the demand for Dudek’s products was so high that the owners decided to expand the plant. New workplaces were created, which ensured the space needed for woodwork production on a greater scale. As it was to turn out, this solution was sufficient only for a moment, so the Company kept evolving further – dynamically reacting to continuously changing customer needs. Currently, Stolarstwo employs more than 90 people.

In 1998 the effort of Dudek company was appreciated with a distinction at the Construction Fairs “Mój Dom” (My House) in Opole as well as in years 2000, 2001, 2002 – where it received the “gold medal” during the 20th Jubilee Opole Fairs. In 2008 the plant received the title of the Company of the Year in the Export category and a very prestigious prize “Lider Rynku” (Leader of the Market), in 2011 the distinction “Orzeł Polski” (the Polish Eagle) in the competition Polskie Budownictwo (Polish Construction), as well as the “Certificate of Business Credibility”.

Observation of changing construction trends was marking out the path of the plant’s development policy, which in 2013 was extended with a new, innovative product – wooden girders I-beams. Apart from windows and doors, we added wooden girders”I-beams”, which constitute a breakthrough on the construction market. Cheaper, flexible and, first of all, quick in assembly raw material being wood used in various places of the world as the frame to build house. Following the implementation of a new technology the range of our products expanded with passive windows and doors, which are characterised by very low coefficient of heat permeability. In practice, it means a very small heat escape through modern structures – and thus power saving, which affects lower contamination of the environment and lower expenses of our customers. What has always been a defect of each joinery seems today not to constitute any problem. The penetration coefficient for the best product can go below 0.8 W/m2K.

Dudek Group, based on the production of wooden girders, windows and doors in Poland and abroad, introduced a new product in Poland, Frame houses. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer.